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Termite control in Brisbane, and throughout the suburbs, is of vital importance to avoid costly damage to both homes and other properties; as well as the distress that this formidable pest can cause to owners and others living in, or visiting, any property.

Many buildings, of all sizes and in many locations, can too easily fall prey to such infestations. These invasive creatures can find so many ways to enter your property – often unnoticed in the early stages. Plumbing conduits and cracked slabs are two prime examples of such entry points.

Treatments for termite control throughout Brisbane should always be left to superbly trained, highly experienced and trusted, fully licenced and accredited experts. Our unmatched Pest Police team holds both multi Australian Achiever Awards and a superb Google Rating score. 

Our termite control experts respond quickly, using proven termite inspection and identification technology and strategies, to identify the source and degree of a termite infestation problem. Treatments are always both environmentally friendly and both human and pet safe. These can include barriers (see below), chemical sprays, and other effective actions to both rid your property of these pests and then keep them away in the future.

We always offer obligation-free quotes highlighting our highly competitive pricing. As you would expect, we comply with all pertinent Australian Standards, and hold Combined Liability insurance. Whether you suspect the possibility of a termite invasion, know that other properties in the area have fallen victim, or simply want a pre-purchase or regular peace-of-mind inspection, our Pest Police team are ready to provide the expert help needed.


Termite home barriers for Brisbane city and suburbs locations are a proven way to keep this invasive and damaging pest from causing harm to your property and those who live there or use it. Here are details of two such proven termite home barriers, successfully usedby our Pest Police experts to provide long-term protection…


Once the pipework for this system has been installed around the perimeter of your property, typically under concrete paving or garden beds, the termite-repellent chemical deterrents it carries for dispersal into the soil, can last for between three and ten years. These can be replenished as necessary. This can be installed for both existing and new properties, is designed to last up to half-a-century, and emits the chemicals both accurately and evenly.


The premium products which comprise this termite control system combine to provide a cost-effective perimeter barrier permanently sealed into your property. The active ingredient is environmentally friendly and evenly distributed to deliver an ongoing barrier to termites. The various components of the Homeguard System can also provide a high-impact moisture barrier, damp-proof course, and it complies with relevant Australian Standards


Contact our Pest Police experts to ask any questions, discuss any obvious or possible problems – or future prevention – all obligation-free of course