Truck Sanitising Melbourne


Truck Sanitising Services Melbourne

Trucks are more than ever an essential workplace office area. Our truck sanitising services Melbourne, ensures your staff are safe in the workplace to continue to provide essential services and products to our community. By sanitising your trucks you are investing in not only the health of your staff but the health of your business.

When thinking of the persistent cross contamination and contact of drivers in the cabin with external contact with products, fuel stations, general stores and home it comes with no surprise this produces the second highest transmission of bacterial spread indoors is indirect transmission from surfaces with either direct transition or shedding of cells from humans. Bacteria can live on surfaces for hours or even days and without adequate disinfecting of all surfaces including the hard to reach areas in trucks, which require specialised equipment, to rid germs that can quickly spread.

Does your truck cleaning routines rid bacterial pathogens by sanitise and disinfecting or just smear and further spread contamination like most cleaning techniques? Are manual contact cleaning procedures reaching all surface harbouring bacteria? Are you truck drivers cross contaminating cabin bacteria while loading and unloading produce and products?

Truck Sanitising Services

Truck Disinfection Services Melbourne

Through a thorough procedure of misting and/or fogging of your Vehicles, our environmentally friendly product kills 99.9% of pathogens (germs) while also creating a protective film on the targeted surface. The Surface Disinfectant and Sanitiser Spray used during our truck disinfection services Melbourne, has been tested against a wide range of pathogens and further information can be supplied when contacting our friendly staff at Pest Police.

Our Surface Disinfectant and Sanitiser Spray is known as VIRI – DIS. Our truck sanitisation service is sustainable, non-leaching, long lasting and above all, friendly to humans, pets and plants while effective in helping minimise harm from bacteria to staff and your business functionality. Our Surface Disinfectant and Sanitiser Spray contains no chlorines, bleaches, carcinogenic or endocrine disruptive compounds and in final life, breaks down to form harmless organic compounds.

So let Pest Police do what we do best and that’s sanitise/disinfect your trucks in Melbourne.

Truck Disinfection Services