Carcass Removal Melbourne


Carcass Removal Services Melbourne

You might find the carcass of a dead animal in your Melbourne garden or backyard. As unpleasant as this is, it can be quickly removed by our Pest Police Carcass Removal Services experts. However, there are many less obvious final resting places for the bodies of animals to be located. When we say ‘less obvious’ we do mean to the eyes. Sadly, the foul smell that quickly emanates from them is a serious signal that action needs to be taken – and quickly.

This might be in your wall area, under the subfloor, or in the loft or roof space. The latter, if it is insulated against the cold that can pervade a Melbourne winter, might be a particularly inviting location for an animal to settle down for a long sleep. Equally, a switching-on of central heating can bring a problem quickly to the nose.

Such problems need to be located by professionals and then dealt with in a safe manner. If this is the situation in Melbourne and our suburbs, many people call out our team here at Pest Police to provide the necessary Carcass Removal Services. It’s also possible that where there are dead animals, there might also be further live ones to be located and dealt with, possible entry points to be sealed, or other precautions to be taken.

Our Pest Police professionals are highly experienced at undertaking professional carcass removal. Our team are fully licensed and accredited, carry Combined Liability Insurance, and always operate in line with the relevant Australian Standards. Our quotations are obligation-free, we offered great value-for-money, and our work carries an extensive warranty.

With a terrific Google Rating, and many awards and testimonials, it’s great that so many customers recommend Pest Police to their family, friends and work colleagues. So, if you have a problem with one or more dead animals on your property, please give us a Call and we’ll move swiftly into action for you.


At Pest Police Australia, we can carry out the unpleasant task of carcass removal Melbourne-wide, removing any animal carcasses where they are accessible. We will apply a residual insecticide liquid or dust for the control of any fly larvae that may be present. After carcass removal in your Melbourne property, we can and then apply an industrial strength deodoriser to assist with any unpleasant odours.