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The word termite can instil a feeling of dread if it happens to be associated with the property you and your family live in, or the one you go to work in every day. Termites need professional treatment and handling, from people who know how to not only eliminate them, but to also prevent them from returning.

With over 40,000 properties inspected, our expert Melbourne Termite Control team will quickly and efficiently inspect, locate, and treat termite pest invasions. Like most pests, termites are seeking moisture, food and shelter and will find a way into your home if they happen to be nearby and sense that you can provide what they’re looking for. These cryptic little critters are attracted to wood, cellulose, and moisture, and will compromise the structural integrity of homes and buildings, destroying beams, floors, and even furniture. Termites have specialised enzymes in their guts that break down cellulose, allowing them to digest wood. They will enter your home through gaps and small cracks in walls and through flooring, both timber and concrete.

Termites will build mud tunnels between the source of food and their nest. For example, if there is a neighbouring tree with termites nearby, they will build tunnels under the ground to find a way into your home. Once they’ve decided they like your home, they establish colonies that can go unnoticed for a long time.

The financial impact of termite damage can be significant, and therefore prevention is the best approach to protecting your investment. This includes regular termite inspections, maintaining proper ventilation, installing physical termite barriers and treatment with termite-resistant chemicals.

Termite Control – Physical barriers

Physical termite barriers are effective defences against termite infestations. These barriers include but not limited to stainless steel mesh, sand, crushed stone, or plastic sheeting installed around slab edges, beneath concrete slabs or under your house if on stumps, creating an impenetrable barrier that prevents termites from accessing your home or workplace.

Termite control physical barriers are installed during construction phase, placed around the building’s perimeter or beneath concrete slabs, effectively blocking termite entry points. These barriers are durable, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. Regular inspections and maintenance ensure their effectiveness, providing homeowners with peace of mind knowing their property is shielded against the destructive impact of termites.

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Termite Control – Chemical Sprays

Termite control chemical barriers involve applying liquid sprays to the soil around a building’s perimeter or beneath concrete slabs. The chemicals create a protective zone that repels or kills termites upon contact, preventing them from entering. Chemical barriers are long-lasting and can provide years of protection with proper maintenance and reapplication. They are highly effective in deterring termites and are often used in conjunction with regular inspections to ensure they remain effective. Homeowners can rely on chemical barriers as a proactive measure against termite damage.

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Pest Police has been trusted by thousands of happy clients in Melbourne for being on-time, effective and reliable. We’re a family-run business looking after family homes. We respond promptly to urgent enquiries especially those related to bees and wasps where children or people with health issues are concerned. You’ll have direct contact with our expert technicians backed up by our warranties and 100% success rate. Pest Police use only environmentally friendly products and humane processes to remove pests.

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Christos Dimitreskos
Christos Dimitreskos
5 March 2024
The service was held in professional way. I wasn't though asked and I didn't give any permission for the pictures taken from my place and see those pictures at a later stage on the inspection report. I do understand that the technician use these as a proof that he conducted the place and did the inspection finally but it should get my permission first.
carol beachley
carol beachley
5 March 2024
I have used The Pest Police a quite few times now, they are a really great honest company, they do exactly what they say they are going to do, they turn up on time and are very reasonably priced, all the technicians are really nice guys who are very friendly and know exactlynwhat they are doing, I highly recommennd them
Diamond Estate Agents
Diamond Estate Agents
4 March 2024
The team at Pest Police Rob & Shelby have been providing utmost care in coordinating inspections for us. As a real estate agency operating in the area we would highly recommend their services.
Giselle Lazarus
Giselle Lazarus
27 February 2024
Pest Police were efficient throughout the entire process of having termites removed from our home. They are excellent communicators - replied back extremely quickly and even followed up when we forgot to call or reply. They have excellent attention to detail and ensured all termites were removed before they cleared us for further work. We highly recommend them for their professional and thorough service.
Sam Bonanno
Sam Bonanno
27 February 2024
Had original spray done during Christmas holiday. Called to have rear al-fresco area re-done under warranty and they arrived promptly and re sprayed the affected area. Great server and customer satisfaction.
Paul Dowd
Paul Dowd
23 February 2024
Courteous and knowledgeable.
19 February 2024
It was a fantastic and efficient service. Wonderful work and reasonable pricing.
Tracey P
Tracey P
13 February 2024
I had wasps in the crevice above my front door. Thank you to Trevor and his team at Pest Police for their prompt, reliable and excellent service.
Kathryn Browne
Kathryn Browne
25 January 2024
Great service. Great commuication.
24 January 2024
Well, I will probably echo what several other customers have said but since the minute we established communication, Pest Police have been great when looking after our rodent issues. Communication with Lily was very easy and accessible but thorough. Steven is a very knowledgable and experienced professional and the type of guy who loves his job and explains the dos and don'ts in simple words. I highly recommend Pest Police and actually, will call them back for more at any time. Cheers! 2 years already.....well, PP are now the 'go to' for our yearly pest checkups and recently helped me out with a Wasp problem. Same communication level and results, great service of course.