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Pest Removal
Hampton Park

If you live, or own property in the Melbourne suburb of Hampton Park, then you’ll know that, like most other areas, infestations or swarms of pests may need to be removed. Whether your problem is bees or wasps, termites or ants, perhaps cockroaches or bed bugs, maybe fleas or silverfish, even mice, rats or spiders, professional pest removal or eradication services mu=ight be urgently needed.

When this is the case, many Melburnians contact our family-run local Pest Police service. Decades of experience are quickly brought to bear to identify, assess and formulate plans for pest eradication and removal.

Pest Control Service Hampton Park

It’s always good to remove pest infestations, but it’s also true that some of these creatures are persistent and therefore pest control measures need to be put in place. Other unwelcome arrivals, like feral cats need humane catching.

Our experienced pest control technicians deliver competitively priced solutions. Our work is guaranteed and might see us deploying proven soil barriers and chemical treatments, or insecticide dust, and lockable rodent boxes. We work to Australian Standards and possess Combined Liability Insurance. Decades of combined experience and an ongoing commitment to excellence is reflected in Google Review Rating results.

Pest Inspections Hampton Park

Do you require regular property pest inspections or simply a one-off procedure? Either way, our locally-based Pest Police team bring unmatched local experience to the task, matched with the best of equipment, such as thermal-imaging cameras. We even have a superhero team member, our amazing termite sniffing hound, a beagle beyond compare.

We’ll check your Hampton Park home for infestations of rodents, termites, ants, flying insects and so much more. Early identification and pest control, removal or eradication, can save so much worry at a later stage. Our quotes are always free and highlight the terrific value for money services we offer.

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