Termite Barrier Melbourne


A termite barrier may be the only thing that stands between you and those destructive, uninvited guests. The fact is that our homes provide termites the ideal living conditions and that is why they bite their way in even without permission. With this barrier in place, it eliminates these pests and keeps them at bay.Besides protecting your main investment, these treated barriers can increase your property’s market value. The sight of such deterrents can tell prospective real estate buyers that the home has been properly protected. Of course, no one likes the idea of buying someone else’s problems right out of the  gate.

With this pest shield in place, property owners like yourself can relax in the knowledge that your most valued asset is safe from destructive, wood-eating pests. Pair this pest control  technology with an annual pest inspection and you would be living in an impregnable fortress that doesn’t hide any unwanted freeloaders.Our termite barrier HomeGuard has been protecting thousands of homes in and around Victoria each year. Pest Police  Australia’s premium termite barriers have proven to be the prime choice for termite control in buildings all over the state.


HomeGuard Termite Barrier is our premium termite barrier that has been extensively tested before we brought it to the marketplace. It holds CSIRO Building approval and has been registered by the APVMA (the first ever), making it suitable for use in states all across the country. In fact, Australian trials on Biflex (HomeGuard in liquid form) has been ongoing for 16 years to make sure you’re getting the best-quality product.



The HomeGuard PTM system consists of the following components: HomeGuard TMB, HomeGuard DPC, HomeGuard Blue, HomeGuard GT and HomeGuard Collars.


We install HomeGuard Precision Termite Management System and termite barriers in accordance with the APVMA-registered label and installation manual, which conforms to the requirements of Australian Standards AS 3660 series.


Trial Plots in the Northern Territory show that HomeGuard by contrast to normal plastic proves HomeGuard repels termites. Dead termite shells on a piece of HomeGuard prove that it really does kill. One of the HomeGuard trial sites shows HomeGuard was put under high pressure and still worked.


If you are a builder or architect or having your house built, why not talk to Pest Police Australia regarding having HomeGuard termite barriers to protect your home or investment for life?