While Melbourne has a human population of almost 5m, there are countless other inhabitants, many of which require effective pest removal services. Extermination of such horrors, the cause of much misery and worse, is a highly professional operation. Among the pests to be exterminated or removed you’ll frequently find:

Right across Melbourne and suburbs, our Pest Police team spring into action to identify the specific problem, its extent, and then craft a plan to deal with what we find. We are family-owned and operated, always operate within relevant Australian Standards and possess the Combined Liability Insurance you’d expect. Much of our pest extermination and removal work is through client referrals, and this is also reflected in our terrific Google Review Rating.


Effective pest control procedures, undertaken by skilled and dedicated professionals, can help prevent anxiety-causing pest infestations. They are eradicated where that’s possible, but well all know that some pests, say termites, roaches or bugs for example, can be so stubborn! This is where pest control is such a vital part of the picture.

You may also require invading feral cats and birds to be humanely caught. Our Pest Police team deliver competitively priced and guaranteed extensive pest control plans. We also use the latest methods and equipment, delivering procedures such as the use of chemical treatments and insecticide dust, or the provision of soil barriers, lockable rodent boxes, and other proven actions.


You might be seeking a single pest inspection for a property you own, live in or are considering for purchase. Our team can also schedule regular pest inspections where these meet your ongoing requirements.

With decades of combined pest inspection experience – and the addition of a brilliant termite sniffing hound – plus the use of superb technical equipment such as thermal imagers, we can highlight and assess any problems in or around your Melbourne property with insects, rodents, termites, roaches, bugs and other unwelcome guests. Professional inspections, like those from our Pest Police team, can also provide early warning of infestation problems which, if they remain unchecked, will simply grow in their seriousness.


Whether it’s an inspection, or to deliver pest control, removal or extermination services, contact us now. Competitive quotes are always free, and we’re always happy to discuss your pest problems. You can either complete the Request A Quote box or simply call us on 1800 737 876.