Ants Removal Melbourne



There are thousands of different ant species in Australia, yet only a few are considered a pest. These include brown and black ants and others. However, in properties throughout Melbourne and the suburbs, those that are in situe certainly need to be quickly located, identified, and thoroughly dealt with by experienced professional teams, such as our ants removal service technicians here at Pest Police. Apart from anything else, ants bite!

They might be found in kitchens or bathrooms, nesting in walls or roofs, around waste bins and elsewhere. Untreated, a range of problems including food contamination, damage to electrical wiring, aircon systems,and plants – and other worries, can result.

What should you look for in an ants extermination process?

Certainly, a team with the proven experience in handling ants extermination situations. You will expect that your chosen ant removal service will ensure that all treatments used are environmentally friendly, are specific to the problem being dealt with, and pose absolutely no risk to both humans and pets.

You should expect a swift response to your initial enquiry, a free and without obligation quote, and a superb value service. The proposed course of action should be clearly explained to you by a fully-qualified and thoroughly trained expert; any questions then fully answered before you give the go-ahead. The processes then undertaken should be complete and be delivered with a comprehensive warranty.

These are some of the reasons why so many people in the Melbourne area turn to Pest Police – often through a recommendation by family, friends or colleagues who have already benefited from our high quality service. Our superb Google Rating, and many testimonials, prove this vital point. So, if you feel, or are certain, that you have a problem with ants in your Melbourne property, please contact our Pest Police ants extermination and Removal Service experts now.

Ant Control Melbourne

When it comes to ants control in Melbourne, an expert will identify the dangerous varieties, like Carpenter Ant, Fire Ants, Black Garden Ants, Pharoh Ants or Formica. Whatever the variety, a lot of people are very concerned about ants control in their Melbourne house. There’s the worry that they may bite children and cause a life-threatening reaction, as well as the anxiety ants induce in a lot of people.


The larger meat and bull ant can leave nasty bites, which are particularly unpleasant for children. Though they stay mainly in the garden, smaller black and brown ants can be a nuisance inside the house, foraging for food and invading bathrooms and kitchens. They can also undermine pavers and the roots of plants, as well as short circuit electrical components enough to cause fires. All ants can bite, and allergic reactions have caused deaths.