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Pest Removal
Wheelers Hill

Although Wheelers Hill includes one of the highest points in the area, we know that this doesn’t stop unwanted visitors, in need of pest removal of extermination procedures, from moving in! You might be unfortunate enough to ‘welcome’ any of these into your home or property: termites or ants, cockroaches or silverfish, bed bugs or fleas, bees or wasps, rats or mice. And di anyone shiver and think of potential spider arrivals?

The answer already chosen by so many satisfied residents of Melbourne’s suburbs (please check our Google Review Rating) are Pest Police. Always complying with Australian Standards and holding Combined Liability Insurance, we know that you’ll be pleased you contacted our family-owned, locally-based, and immensely experienced pest extermination and removal team.

Pest Control Service Wheelers Hill

In this popular suburb, as elsewhere, effective pest control procedures can help prevent worrying and even hazardous pest infestations. This is due to the tenacity with which cockroaches, termites, flying pests and many bugs can fight to move in to your property. Through experience, our Pest Police skilled technicians can assess the situation and possibilities, and then offer a competitively priced and guaranteed pest control service action plan, specifically tailored to your Wheelers Hill property needs. They use both the latest technology, and tried and tested processes that might involve chemical treatments, insecticide dust, or soil barriers. Rodent boxes are often used, and they also humanely capture larger invaders, from angry birds to feral cats.

Pest Inspections Wheelers Hill

If you hear sniffing sounds, it’s only our wonderful pest inspection hound, eager to get to work! This brilliant beagle works in tandem with our richly-experienced pest inspections professionals. Add to this unmatched expertise is a range of key equipment, including thermal-imaging cameras, to check for a wide range of invasive pests.

Our team deliver single inspections, when a homeowner is worried about the possibility of an infestation; and also often for people considering purchasing a home in Wheelers Hill. Some clients prefer the comfort of regular inspections to quickly identify any changing circumstances in and around their property.

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