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Recently it has been identified that there is a growing population of cockroaches in homes and commercial premises in urban Australia. This is true of Melbourne and our suburbs, both indoors and outside, with several species being regularly identified. Sadly, disease transmission and contamination are their specialities, so it’s vital to quickly bring in experts in cockroach extermination, as soon as you even suspect there may be a problem.

Many Melburninans turn to Pest Police at such times. With Australian Achiever awards spread over two decades, tremendous Google Rating results, and so many recommendations from friends, family and work colleagues, it’s no wonder that we offer superb warranties for all our cockroach removal work in Melbourne.

The cockroach extermination processes we undertake will always be specific to the pest, thoroughly environmentally friendly and completely safe for humans. And, of course, your beloved pets.

When you spot, or suspect, a cockroach removal situation needing urgent resolution in your Melbourne property, Contact Us for a swift and detailed obligation-free on-site assessment of what needs to be done. We can even deliver a prompt quote, highlighting our superb value prices, directly to your inbox. Our highly qualified and trained team will always fully explain the proven and creature-specific treatment we propose, and carefully answer all your questions. Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll schedule the work as swiftly – and conveniently for you – as possible.

As well as cockroach extermination and removal from your Melbourne and suburbs property, we can provide valuable advice and strategies to help prevent future infestations. If this is the level of service, matched by superb peace-of-mind, that you require, please contact our Pest Police technicians right now.

Cockroach Control Services Melbourne


Cockroach Control Services experts advise that signs of infestation are usually by droppings, or noticing dead cockroaches in the house. Any sign of these insects demand immediate action, cockroach control services and if found in significant numbers, expert advice should be sought.


It is unlikely you will see cockroaches during the day unless there is a particularly significant infestation. They prefer dark corners, under cupboards, whitegoods or in food areas. These insects prefer to get about at night, where they feed on foodstuffs, contaminating food, the surfaces they scurry over and plates and utensils. The main way they contaminate areas is by their droppings, spreading bacteria that cause diseases like salmonella poisoning, passing on diarrhoea and dysentery.