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Pest Removal Dandenong

Around thirty thousand people know Dandelong is a great place to live; unfortunately so do many pests! Their removal or eradication requires expertise is both identification or treatment, and local know-how is a vital part of that. So, which of these is troubling you: ants, spiders, termites, cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, silverfish, rats, mice, bees, wasps or others?

Whatever your Dandenong pest eradication or removal needs, professional help is close at hand. Here at Pest Police we are family-owned and operated, perform to match Australian Standards and hold vital Combined Liability Insurance. We are trusted by so many people, across Melbourne and our suburbs, to quickly identify the pest removal problem and deliver effective responses. We are proud that our many local clients reflect this in happy Google Review Rating responses.

Pest Control Service Dandenong

We all know how persistent some pest infestations can be. This is why it pays for you to consider both eradication and control procedures to deliver an ongoing outcome. It’s also possible that might you need to organise the removal of larger problems such as feral cats or birds from your property – and we specialise in humane procedures in such cases.

Our Pest Police team are time-served building trades professionals, technically-skilled with decades of hard-won experienced, regularly enhanced by our on-going commitment to up-to-the-minute training. We use a range of chemical, barrier, insecticide and other treatments to provide the pest control relief you are desperately seeking.

Pest Inspections Dandenong

The starting point to providing successful outcomes is a professional pest inspection. The problem can be swiftly identified, thanks to our hugely experienced team of professionals. The star of the show, we have to admit, is our termite hound – with a nose that any perfumier can only dream of! Of course, we use key equipment, such as thermal imaging cameras as well, to offer comprehensive and trusted inspection results.

The earlier the pest inspection, the more chance of nipping a spider, insect, bug, rodent, or other infestation in the bud. Waiting and hoping just doesn’t do it when a problem moves into your Dandenong property!

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