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Bird Removal or Control in Melbourne can be necessary for a variety of reasons and situations. Deterrents may be necessary in a variety of both commercial and residential locations throughout the city and suburbs. Birds can be a vibrant part of any environment, but let’s face it, they can often prove to be a serious, and often a damaging, pest. This might involve medical worries about contracting extremely serious diseases from accumulated droppings or discarded nesting materials. Many birds are protected, therefore finding ways of effectively controlling such situations is paramount.

Our passionate and determined Pest Police team can effectively professionally deliver a full range of both bird control services, and bird removal, Melbourne-wide. No matter the size and scope of the problem, our experienced team can use a variety of netting, ultrasonic deterrents, or preventative spiking options.

The choice, by so many Melburnians, of Pest Police for a wide range of pest removal and control problems is thanks to our wide experience and professional reputation, demonstrated by our superb Google rating, many award won and referrals from satisfied customers gained.

When you recognise that you have a bird control or bird removal situation in Melbourne, we will respond quickly. Our estimates are always obligation-free and any work we carry out comes with an extensive warranty. As a family-owned and operated business, we are both fully accredited and licensed, and we always comply with the relevant Australian Standards and carry the Combined Liability Insurance you’d expect us to.

Pest Police offers truly competitive pricing, together with excellent payment plans. Our Services are available in all parts of Melbourne and the suburbs. So, if you have a bird control problem, then call our friendly and helpful team now.

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Bird control services experts Melbourne recognise that droppings and nesting materials that are allowed to accumulate pose a host of medical problems, which can become very serious if they are not corrected immediately. Without such professional bird control services, pest birds cause tens of millions of dollars of damage every year to Australian buildings, machinery, vehicles, roofs, guttering, air conditioner units and much more.


The larger meat and bull ant can leave nasty bites, which are particularly unpleasant for children. Though they stay mainly in the garden, smaller black and brown ants can be a nuisance inside the house, foraging for food and invading bathrooms and kitchens. They can also undermine pavers and the roots of plants, as well as short circuit electrical components enough to cause fires. All ants can bite, and allergic reactions have caused deaths.


Not all birds are considered pests, but Pest Police Australia can provide a range of solutions for those birds that are considered pests like pigeons and seagulls who commonly spread diseases paratyphoid, vibriosis, salmonella, listeriosis and pasteurellosis as well as causing unsightly damage.