Pre Purchase Build and Termite

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Pre Purchase Build
and Termite

Why not combine your timber pest inspection with a building inspection, giving you all the answers regarding the property you are intending to purchase? Pest Police Australia carries out thousands of pre-purchase building and pest inspections together every year. 95 percent of our clients request both inspections as this gives them the complete picture regarding there future home or investment.


Booking both together saves you time and money! A 20 percent discount is given if both Inspectors can perform the inspection at the same time. With two inspectors together at the same time, they are sure not to miss a trick as they will communicate and discuss together the problem areas and significance of termite damage to the structure.


Pest Police Australia’s director is a registered builder and licensed inspector with over 25 years experience in the building industry. His “hands-on” experience means that we can assist you with areas such as plastering, tiling, roofing and the often difficult asbestos removal, just to name a few. Pest Police Australia is a proud member of the HIA and has full Professional Indemnity Insurance for both pest and building inspections.


If termite damage is found during a pest inspection (only), the next question to be answered is the significance of damage and costs of repairs, which an experienced building inspector could tell you.


Our fully qualified building inspectors will:

Help you make a well-informed decision in regards to the property

Provide you with an independent, unbiased assessment of the property

Two Inspectors at the same time gives you peace of mind

Provides solutions to rectify problem areas

Identify areas of concern, safety issues and maintenance and provide estimated costs of repairs

All movement photographed and documented throughout the report

Alert the client of areas that may need attention in the future

Help you with any renovating ideas or removal of walls

Around 60 photos taken on every building report

All reports produced directly onto a laptop computer