Council Termite Inspections Melbourne


Council Termite Control Experts

Our Pest Police Council Termite Control experts are keen to alert you to the fact that there are an increasing number of locations in Victoria each year that are designated termite-prone areas. This means that if you build or require a building permit, even for an addition, in those specific areas, you must have a termite barrier system in place before a certificate of occupancy will be issued.

The first step is to check the status for your current property or one you are intending to purchase. If you are unsure of the status in your specific location, then please Contact our Council Termite Control team and we can discuss your situation and whether your Melbourne or surrounding city or shire council area is termite fully or partially declared, or is undeclared.

Next, should you require a termite inspection, and perhaps action taken to comply, for your property, it makes sense to work with our experts here at family owned and operated Pest Police. We are noted for the quality of our work, with Australian Achiever awards spread over two decades, and an excellent Google Rating performance.

Our team of experts, with extensive knowledge of Council Termite Control requirements in Melbourne, will carry out a detailed inspection and quickly provide a clear report. From that, you will then know whether any action needs to be taken to be compliant. Should you ask us to complete any necessary barrier system work, we offer both great value pricing and excellent payment terms – as well as the extensive warranty you should always expect. Our team are licensed, accredited and always operate to relevant Australian Standards. We also hold Combined Liability Insurance.

If you need to fully appreciate the termite declared status of your current property, or one you are considering buying, then let our Pest Police team be your friendly and knowledgeable guides.

Council Termite Removals


There will be a time when all areas in Victoria become termite-prone ones, and Council Termite Removals may become the norm. There has to be enough evidence or percentage of recorded termite infestations to homes in that area before the local council can justify changing all relative requirements before costing the average home an extra $500 – $1000 to construct.


Understanding Council Termite Removals situations, our Pest Police team know that in some states of Australia, you must obtain a pest inspection for your property if you are selling, and this is part of your section 32. More than 350 species of termites have been recorded in Australia, about 30 of which achieve economic importance as pests of timber-in-service.