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Ah – the great pleasure of drifting into the land of dreams. But don’t doze off just yet, because an army of these horrible little creatures can attack a person five hundred times in just one night. In Australia, there has been an increase in the number of bed bug infestations by 5000% since the year 1999. If just the thought makes you shiver a little, here at Pest Police, we share your pain! These wingless night-time visitors are true irritants, and are so easily and inadvertently transported into your home, often in clothing and luggage, which is why our bed bugs extermination technicians are increasingly in demand.

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The moment you feel you might have a problem, our bed bugs extermination team are at your service. We will quickly undertake an onsite inspection – obligation-free of course. Should a problem be identified, we’ll suggest a course of action that our bed bug control technicians can swiftly deliver in your Melbourne property.

With a stellar Google Rating, confidence in our experienced and highly trained professionals is high for work right across both Melbourne and our suburbs. Here are five reasons why:

Therefore, for peace-of-mind and quick and proven solutions to such an irritating problem, talk to our experienced Pest Police bed bug control and extermination experts now.

Bed Bugs Removal Services Melbourne


Although bed bugs can harbour diseases in their bodies, transmission to humans is considered highly unlikely. For this reason, they are not considered dangerous unless a person is allergic to them. However, our bed bugs removal services technicians know that their presence can be distressing and their bites can be highly irritating.


Bed bugs Removal Services deal with creatures who have highly developed mouthparts that can pierce the skin. Their bite is painless but becomes itchy and swells into a reddened wheal. Unlike the random pattern of bites made by mosquitoes, bed bugs tend to leave orderly rows.


Bed bugs are small, wingless insects found all over the world. They are nocturnal parasites, which means they rest during the day and are active at night. They feed on the blood of humans. Bed bugs prefer to hide in bedding and on mattresses where they have ready access to a source of food.


A Pest Police Australia technician can determine the extent of the infestation, then use registered insecticides to kill the bed bugs. Repeat visits may be necessary to ensure all bed bugs at various stages of the lifecycle have been eradicated.


Good hygiene practices, such as frequent house cleaning, should help to prevent any further infestations. However, vacuuming immediately after treatment should be avoided to ensure that the residual insecticide is not removed. For more information, we’re just a phone call away.