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Our teams tasked with rats removal in Melbourne and suburbs, know that there are a number of species of these rodents who have found a home in the major population centres throughout Australia. It’s true that, during winter, most rodents will move indoors to find both food and shelter. But in both homes and commercial premises, they can easily become a year-round problem. Alternatively, if you have found mice, they can also prove to be similarly difficult problem, and you can find out how we deal with them here.

Our Pest Police rat eradication technicians will start with a detailed onsite inspection, obligation-free of course. Once we have clearly identified the nature and extent of the infestation, then we will suggest a course of action to be taken. If you give us the go-ahead, we’ll set to work as soon as possible and when it’s convenient for you.

Why Pest Police for rats removal in Melbourne?

There are many reasons why so many customers choose Pest Police to deliver rats removal services right across Melbourne and our suburbs – and are then willing to offer a testimonial or recommend us to others. Key amongst these are:

As a family owned and operated local business, with two decades of Australian Achiever Awards gained, and terrific Google Ratings, we are the choice of so many to deal with their rat extermination needs. Contact Us now if you have such a problem and let our professional experts set to work on your behalf.

Rats Control Services Melbourne


Our experts delivering rats control services in Melbourne know that nests are often found close to where they scavenge for food and water. The female will give birth to four to six litters a year, which will contain five to ten young. These young can reproduce three months after birth, so it is calculated, that within one year, a single pair of rodents can be responsible for as many 400 – 700 pests.


The real problem with both rats and mice is that they contaminate more food than they eat. Many diseases can be transmitted by both rats and mice, and their gnawing of cables and wires can cause electrical fires.


The Pest Police Australia inspector undertaking our rats control services in Melbourne will identify the type of rodent and recommend suitable treatment and warranty for all work, including baiting the roof void and subfloor area. If there are internal problems, lockable mouse and rat boxes are available.


Rodent activity is usually at night, so it is important to identify if these pests from signs they leave. An expert from Pest Police Australia will professionally identify the specific rodent and likely nest location. It is important to get expert advice for effective eradication, as both rats and mice have a highly developed sense of smell and can often identify chemicals in food, warning them of domestic baits.


Not only spiders cause a bit of panic in the house, they can sometimes be dangerous as well. Australia has a fair share of dangerous spiders, so you need to be cautious with which crawler roams your crib. Spider bites range from mild allergic reactions to serious health concerns. Therefore, it is imperative to keep the house in order and creepy crawlers at bay.


The professional inspections carried out by the licensed Pest Police Australia team conform to the latest pest-management systems available in Australia. Their prompt, efficient service includes a written recommendation and carries a full warranty.