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Our spider extermination technicians fully appreciate the depth of feelings these creatures engender in many Melburnians! We appreciate that there are so many different spider species in Australia, and that only some of them are either potentially lethal or highly dangerous if they are found in our property or its surroundings. That doesn’t mean that so many people contacting our Pest Police team for spider control in Melbourne don’t simply want any and all such arachnids completely gone – and now!

When you contact our highly trained and hugely experienced spider extermination team, our first step will be to carry out an onsite and obligation-free inspection as soon as possible. This allows us to identify both the type(s) of spiders infesting your property – and the level of this infestation. We can then provide a valuable written report and also suggest a course of action to be taken. Should you give us permission to continue with this, be assured that our specific spider extermination actions are always environmentally (if not spider) friendly and pet and people safe.


So, if you believe your property needs to be freed from the grip of horrible and dangerous spiders, Call Us now and our Pest Police team will swiftly set to work to deliver the outcomes you demand.

Spider Removal Services Melbourne

For spider removal services in Melbourne, our Pest Police team knows that when it comes to spider infestation, an expert will identify the dangerous varieties, like White Tails, Red Backs or Funnel Webs, as well as the scary, but less harmful, Huntsman. Whatever the variety, our experts delivering these spider removal services in Melbourne appreciate a lot of people are very concerned about spiders in the house. There’s the worry that they may bite children and cause a life-threatening reaction, as well as the anxiety spiders induce in a lot of people. Cobwebs are also unsightly.


Not only spiders cause a bit of panic in the house, they can sometimes be dangerous as well. Australia has a fair share of dangerous spiders, so you need to be cautious with which crawler roams your crib. Spider bites range from mild allergic reactions to serious health concerns. Therefore, it is imperative to keep the house in order and creepy crawlers at bay.


The professional inspections carried out by the licensed Pest Police Australia team conform to the latest pest-management systems available in Australia. Their prompt, efficient service includes a written recommendation and carries a full warranty.