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Throughout the city, and into so many popular suburbs, there is one key visitor which causes great damage and distress to local home and other property owners. A substantial number of properties fall prey to their insidious infestations. They’re termites of course, sometimes called white ants because of their colony lifestyle. Termites enter homes in so many ways, from cracked slab to plumbing conduits.

Termite Control treatments are required once the actual invaders have been identified. This is one of many reasons why it pays to make quick contact with one of the most trusted Termite Control Companies for effectively dealing with such termite infestations: Pest Police

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Our Termite Removal Experts Melbourne first task undertaken in your property is to intimately understand both the extent and scope of the possibilities for termites to invade. For this, and the subsequent actions we recommend and take, our decades of combined termite-countering experience is unmatched. Recommended termite treatments will consider the potential access points, home environment and soil and other conditions. Click and you’ll find additional Information on all relevant areas here.


Scoring consistently highly on Google Review Rating emphasises our commitment to unmatched client service – as do the many referrals we gain. We’re a proudly Australian family owned and run business, with decades of combined expertise in the business of termite control. We’re fully licensed and accredited, complying, of course, with all relevant Australian Standards. You’ll receive free quotes showing truly competitive pricing matched with superb guarantees. Our termite team includes an awesome beagle – a sniffer hound supreme – and we make effective use of such high-tech equipment as thermal imagers.


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Termites are insects belonging to Order Isoptera are often referred to as White Ants; however, apart from their social habit of living in colonies as several forms of castes, in appearance they do not resemble true Ants.

Termites are mostly pale brown to white, have no constriction between thorax and abdomen, and have beaded antennae. Reproductive forms known as Alates, have two pairs of wings and one pair of compound eyes.

Termites can do serious damage in short periods of time and prevention is always cheaper than cure. With recent stats currently as high as 1 in 3 houses will be affected by termites, we highly recommend preventative measures to be taken before real damage is done.

If you find termites, do not disturb the termites or spray with any form of insecticide. Termites need to be identified to understand what will be the most appropriate treatment by the termite technician.

  • Pest Police will also provide a free no obligation quote to our clients who believe they have a termite issue.
  • We use only the best non repellent chemicals that are synthetic pyrethrum and plant derived ensuring the upmost safety to you, your family and pets.
  • 20 years of experience servicing Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula homes just like yours.
  • Our personalised approach which guarantees the best possible outcome for our clients.
  • We use the latest state of the art equipment for inspection, detection, identification and treatment.
  • All our work comes with up to 8 years warranty where we can.
  • Altriset Termiticide has less toxicity than table salt.

Whilst we don’t profess to be the cheapest, we do aim to provide the best service, treatment and after service possible.

For those clients who are not sure, we highly recommend a thorough Termite inspection be carried out prior to providing a quote. An inspection cost can vary depending on size of home but as a guide a 3-bed home on a slab approx 15 squares would cost $295 Inc Gst.

Please note: no home insurance company will protect you against termite damage.

Termites have become a serious issue in Australia with stats showing 1 in 3 houses will be affected by Termites in its lifetime and 5 times more likely to get Termites than have a house fire occur.

Termites are social insects and very destructive by nature causing in excess of 780 million dollars damage annually in Australia alone. The repairs of this damage are not covered by any house insurance company within Australia.

Termites have special enzymes, protozoa and bacteria in their gut, allowing them to digest the cellulose within the timber and plant. Termites can travel within colonies of more than 15,000,000 so damage within your home can happen very quickly without warning.

The Australian standard within the Building commission of Australia (BCA) recommend 12 monthly inspections as a minimum and even higher in more prevalent areas. See below declared areas within Victoria keeping in mind, Termites don’t know boarders. Termite Action Victoria

To carry out an inspection our company only used the latest and best specialised equipment along with our trusted inspectors experience. Within the inspection we use, sounding device (Tapper), Moisture meter, Termatrac (microwave technology), Thermal camera and also have the aid of our very own Termite detection dogs which are trained to sniff the methane produced by the termite.

Our Termite inspection will also offer you a Termite treatment proposal providing you protection options for the future of your home as well as and conditions conducive to Termite attack like:

  • Improving ventilation
  • Creating slab edge exposure
  • Exposing vents or weepholes
  • Exposing vents or weepholes

This is a common question and there is no easy answer to this. It depends on a multitude of conditions and other factors but it is very important to realise that what suits one house may not suit the other. Each house is different with different environments, soil conditions, construction types, accessibility and even the species of termite. The only real way for you to know what is best for your home, is to consult a Pest Police representative and have them complete a Standard Termite Inspection report.

When applied correctly, a liquid termiticide treatment creates a chemical treated zone to the applied soil zone around the perimeter and underneath the home if on stumps. It is designed to stop, kill and repel termites from getting into the timber structures of your home.

There are 2 types of termiticide chemicals, that being repellents and non-repellents.

repellent chemical such as Biflex is designed to be detectable in the soil therefore not recommended to be used if live termites are in the home. This can effectively lock the termites with the building providing there is enough moisture for the termites to survive.

non-repellent chemicalsuch as Altriset, Termidor and or Premise are classed as non-detectable in the soil providing no sign of a treated zone to the foraging termite, therefore the termites will not go looking for a gap in the treated zone.

Termite Baiting & monitoring systems are a great alternative non-toxic, non-intrusive way to protect your home. Monitoring systems have their place in the market when clients do not want chemical used on their property or the construction of the home does not allow chemical to be used.

Bait stations can be evenly placed at approximately 3 metre intervals around the external dripline of the house and contain an attractive timber and co2 granular attracting foraging termites from a 2-metre radius.

These stations are monitored on a 30 day or 60-day cycle depending if live termites are present within the station or home.

To sum up

There is no specific answer to what is the best Termite treatment as many factors can determine what is the best suited to your home.

Our recommendation is to always have your home inspected and our experienced Termite professionals will provide options suited to your needs and requirements.

Termite control and prevention should not be taken lightly and left unchecked Termites can do some serious damage in short periods of time. Termites can gain concealed access and entry into your home via plumbing pipes penetrating the slab, cracks in the slab, through plumbing conduit and many other entry points. If you suspect Termites in your home you need to take the necessary steps to have them removed and protection added to your home and investment.

If you are unfortunate enough to get Termites, don’t panic, Pest Police can help you through the process from start to finish.

The first step is to contact us as your trusted Pest Control company and engage us to provide you with a Standard Termite Inspection. These can vary in cost depending on the size of your home but an average cost for a 20 Square house on a concrete slab would be $295 Inc Gst . This thorough inspection by our qualified inspectors will provide you a detailed report with digital photos of the live termites and extent of damage found. Our Inspectors are fully equipped with sounding devices, moisture meters, termatrac, thermal camera’s and we also have the aid of Termite detection sniffer dogs.

Once the Inspection is carried out, our termite professional will recommend several remedy options for consideration including removal of the live Termites and a perimeter chemical treated zone for longevity protection against future infestation. Our chemical treatment options can offer up to 8 year’s protection and can range from approximately $2000-$5000 depending on the size and construction of the home. As a guide, a 20 Square home on a concrete slab may cost around $2000-$2500 Inc Gst with annual warranty inspections at an average cost of $295 Inc Gstper annum throughout the warranty period.

Alternatively, our inspectors may offer a baiting and monitoring system due to inconsistent construction and accessibility issues. These systems can range from $2500-$5000depending on size and construction also. AS a guide a 20 square home with 15 external In-ground monitoring stations and 12 months monitoring would cost around $3000 Inc Gstwith annual renewal at approximately $880 Inc gst per year.

  • Assessment of all areas of the home including potential entry points of the termites.
  • A customised plan for treatment and elimination that gives you peace of mind for long term protection for your home.