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For a genuine pest, our silverfish control team in Melbourne appreciates that the name actually sounds quite attractive. Sadly, it’s a false impression, and the creature’s title itself is also misleading. These are tear-drop shaped insects, their wingless and tapered bodies leading to what seems to be a tail. They are usually less than 20cms in length; perhaps their slithering style of movement, as well as colour, leads to the fish connotation.

Silverfish can often be difficult to spot, hiding away and operating in the dark; and, like many insidious pests, swift silverfish extermination is recommended because they can reproduce so quickly, leading to a severe infestation. Even if you don’t spot them initially, you might just notice evidence of their droppings, which look somewhat like pepper. Otherwise, you are more likely to spot the damage they have done as they feed.

Should you think that you might have a problem; now is the best time to call in our silverfish control team in Melbourne. Our experienced technicians will carry out an extensive and intensive inspection of your property and provide a written report. Should you tell us to go ahead with our recommended course of action – and it’s always environmentally friendly and human and pet safe – then we’ll tackle the problem as soon as is possible and convenient for you. We are fully licenced and insured, and our work is backed-up by a comprehensive warranty. Our silverfish extermination technicians are also happy to provide you with a range of tips and advice to help avoid any such problem recurring in the future.

So, if you’ve spotted a silver creature slithering away from the light, or suspect the source of damage to your property, then contact our Pest Police experts now.

Silverfish Treatment Melbourne

Our flea removal team in Melbourne recognise that there are three main species of flea that infest humans:


Our team delivering silverfish treatment in Melbourne well know that they consume small amounts of human foods and can cause contamination with their scales and droppings. They can also cause considerable damage to natural/synthetic fibres, books and other paper products while trying to feed on glues or other starchy substances.


Silverfish treatment in Melbourne deals with these are small, soft, wingless insects often found in the home. They are nocturnal and move quickly. Occasionally, they are found in bathtubs as they cannot climb smooth surfaces. Their preferred diet is vegetable matter with a high carbohydrate and protein content. However, indoors they will feed on almost anything, including dried meat, flour, starch, paper, gum, glue, cotton, linen, rayon, silk, sugar and breakfast cereals.


In domestic situations, experts from Pest Police Australia can identify areas of contamination, and advise suitable, safe eradication techniques. In commercial areas, professional advice is needed on a regular basis to maintain safety standards that conform to health regulations.


The Pest Police Australia technician will identify the extent of the infestation and harbourage areas, and recommend suitable treatment and warranty for all work. Work may include:


The professional inspections carried out by the licensed Pest Police Australia team conform to the latest pest-management systems available in Australia. Their prompt, efficient service includes a written recommendation and carries a full warranty.