Spider Control Melbourne

When it comes to spider infestation, an expert will identify the dangerous varieties, like White Tails, Red Backs or Funnel Webs – as well as the scary but less harmful Huntsman. Whatever the variety, a lot of people are very concerned about spiders in the house. There’s the worry they may bite children and cause a life-threatening reaction, as well as the anxiety spiders induce in a lot of people. Cobwebs are also unsightly .

Solving The Problem

The Pest Police technician will identify the type of spider and recommend suitable treatment and warranty for all work.

  • Insecticide dust to roof void and subfloor area (if house on slab wall cavities will be dusted).
  • Internal crack and crevice spray to wet areas (ie. Kitchen and bathrooms).
  • Internal skirting spray.
  • External spray to house walls, window frames, eave line, gardens up to 30m from house, fencing and clotheslines