Your favorite clothes = Their favorite meal!

Silverfish Control Melbourne

The Problem

Silverfish are small, soft, wingless insects often found in the home. They are nocturnal and move quickly; occasionally they are found in bathtubs as they cannot climb smooth surfaces. Their preferred diet is vegetable matter with a high carbohydrate and protein content. However, indoors they will feed on almost anything, including dried meat, flour, starch, paper, gum, glue, cotton, linen, rayon, silk, sugar and breakfast cereals

Silverfish consume small amounts of human foods and can cause contamination with their scales and droppings. They can also cause considerable damage to natural/synthetic fibers, books and other paper products while trying to feed on glues or other starchy substances.

The Solution

The Pest Police technician will identify the extent of the infestation and harbourage areas, and recommend suitable treatment and warranty for all work.

Work may include:

  • Insecticide dust to roof void and sub floor area (if house on slab wall cavities will be dusted).
  • Internal crack and crevice spray to wet areas (ie. Kitchen and bathrooms).
  • Internal skirting spray.
  • External spray to house walls, window frames, eave line, gardens up to 30m from house, fencing and clotheslines.