Chemical Termite Sprays

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The Pest Police team and their highly-trained sniffer dogs will identify where an infestation is, without needing to damage any surface. Once this is located, the Pest Police inspector will identify the type of termite, and recommend suitable treatment.

Some termite treatment options include dusting, baiting and chemical soil barriers using products such as :

Bifenthrin – Biflex by FMC

Fipronil – Termidor by BASF (which is arguably the best)

Chlorantraniliprole – Altriset by Syngenta

Imidacloprid – Premise by BAYER

These chemical soil barriers can also be carried out for the prevention of sub-terranean termites before they strike, which gives the home owner peace of mind.


For many new buildings, the creation of a chemically treated layer of soil surrounding and under the building can take place. This can allow an integrated soil barrier, together with the use of some physical barrier methods, to pipe penetrations within a concrete slab.


The termiticide may be applied to the soil under the slab and around the footings, construction joints, pipes, conduits and other structures of the house during construction to create a horizontal barrier. Further loosened soil around the perimeter of the house, including around all pipes and service facilities, is treated after construction to form a horizontal barrier.


Different chemicals can be used to protect your home and can last up to ten years. Call us for a free quote and discuss the range of options available in today’s market.