Seeing a dead animal lying around on your beautiful property is not a pretty sight. It can be difficult to immediately find an animal carcass since pests like rodents or possums can get caught somewhere and die away, but they never do so in plain sight.

Some people may get severe nausea and headaches around an animal carcass due to the foul odour the decomposing body emits. The presence of the deceased animal can attract a variety of other pests and animals, including flies and insects, which could then infest your home if left unattended.

The best option is to hire a professional carcass removal service in Melbourne rather than attempting to handle the issue alone when removing dead animal carcasses from your house or place of business. Professionals can efficiently remove dead animals from your property since they have extensive knowledge and access to cutting-edge tools.

Experts at Pest Police Australia’s Carcass Removal Services can also remove animal carcasses entrapped in narrow or difficult-to-reach areas and inaccessible to you without the right equipment. Our specialists can remove the dead animal from your property in under a day using the proper equipment and safety gear.

How Can You Tell If You Have a Dead Animal on Your Property?

Animals die. It is an inescapable reality of life. However, animals like rats, mice, and possums frequently pass away under unforeseen circumstances. Before the dead body completely dries up or is removed from the property, the animal carcass emits a foul odour that can linger for up to a week.

If dead animals are kept for a long time inside walls, corners, or roofs, they can be harmful to your health. A rotting animal carcass in a corner, wall cavity or ceiling for an extended time might pose serious health risks to you and your loved ones. There is a good chance that a decaying animal carcass may be lodged someplace in your property if you are plagued by an unpleasant odour permeating your entire property and cannot locate its source.

To help you out further, here are some obvious signs that you have an animal carcass around your property: 

  • Wet Spots – The carcass will start to liquefy, which is as awful as it sounds. Depending on where the body is, this dampness will eventually begin to seep into the walls or ceiling. Obviously, this could harm the house’s structure.
  • Flies – You’ve definitely observed how flies congregate around decaying objects in the wild, whether it’s a rotten orange on the ground or dead animals. They obtain simple nutrients from decomposing matter, and they even prefer to deposit their eggs in rotting animals because they supply lots of food for the maggots that will hatch. A dead animal may be present if you observe a sudden increase in flies.
  • Foul Smell – This is an undeniable and inevitable result of having a dead animal inside your home or around the property. After a given amount of time, it will be impossible not to notice the smell because it will be so strong and nasty. The scent may initially be limited and weak when the body starts to disintegrate, but after a few days, it will become overbearing.

Once you are sure that there is an animal carcass in your home or business, you must move quickly and contact our carcass removal experts as soon as possible. By seeking the aid of a reputable carcass removal service, you can not only eliminate the offensive odour that has been permeating your home or business as soon as possible, but you can also lessen the risk of structural damage and infections that may result from the involvement of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens in the decaying process.

What Happens When an Animal Dies?

Regardless of the state it is in, when you find it, finding a dead animal on your property or inside your house is never fun. Your sentiments of shock and surprise swiftly change to hate as you start to contemplate how to get rid of the carcass. It looks nasty and probably smells worse. The carcass removal professionals at Pest Police will explain what transpires after an animal dies. 

Immediately After Death

Any fluids in the bladder and large intestine are expelled by the animal as soon as it passes away. The systems that keep eyes healthy stop working, causing eyes to turn a hazy shade of grey. Most likely, the animal’s tongue protrudes from its mouth. There isn’t yet a strong smell or tense muscles. No matter when you discover a carcass, it’s a good idea to remove it immediately, especially if it’s a larger animal.

Within 12 Hours

In most cases, the body stiffens six hours after death.  Compared to a coyote or a deer, smaller animals like a bird may stiffen and disintegrate more quickly. During this time, it’s possible to develop skin discolourations like purple or dark blotches. Never touch a dead animal with your bare hands since the body will become infected with bacteria and germs within hours. Germs are another reason why you should call dead animal removal experts.

Within 24 Hours

An odour becomes more pervasive as bacteria and insects attack the dead body. The stench can not be apparent until you get near the body. Within a day, the body starts to chill and dry out. It’s possible for an animal’s body to feel cold and stiff to the touch as opposed to warm and stiff. The muscles of a hard corpse are immobile, making it easier to remove; nonetheless, you might leave that to the carcass removal service.

Within a Week

As the first week after death goes on, dead animals disintegrate more quickly. On the carcass, flies and bugs begin to crawl. It’s possible to see white maggots consuming the exposed bones and corpses. The sights and scents are disgusting. At this point, unless the animal is small and simple to access, you absolutely need the assistance of a carcass removal service.

Benefits of Hiring a Carcass Removal Service from Pest Police

Regardless of your property’s cleanliness, dealing with a few dead animals is nothing out of the ordinary. While handling these issues on your own may be appealing, hiring our experienced carcass removal service in Melbourne will ultimately be beneficial. A few of the many benefits of working with our experts include the following:

Trained and Skilled Professionals

Employing our professional carcass removal service in Melbourne is advantageous because you are ensured protection throughout the process. Dealing with dead animal removal on your own can be extremely dangerous to your family’s health. 

When you rely on Pest Police professionals, you can be sure that we have the equipment, extensive knowledge, and training needed to handle these situations quickly and effectively. When you schedule an appointment with us, we’ll be at your property immediately to remove the animal carcass safely and quickly.

Fast and Efficient

We will arrive with all the tools required to remove the animal as soon as you contact us. The process is completed as quickly and inconspicuously as possible. You don’t need to be concerned about catching the eye of your neighbours or other people. 

It may be challenging to remove a dead animal on your own. Therefore it is crucial to always get professional assistance. We’ll collect the animal quickly, load it in the car, and drive off.

Proper Disposal Means

You must consider disposal options if you remove a dead animal yourself. This applies particularly to people who reside in large cities where it is possible to find a place to dispose of the dead animal. Contrarily, this is not the case with a deceased animal disposal service. Most businesses have designated locations where they can safely dispose of the animals to prevent disease and odour.

Latest Tools and Equipment

Our licenced dead animal removal experts are equipped with cutting-edge technology and techniques that make it simple for us to remove the trapped animal carcass without any problem.

Deodorisation and Sanitisation

Because of the terrible smell it emits, having a dead animal on your property is not only an eyesore but also a cause of nausea and headaches. However, if you employ our experts, we will use eco-friendly sanitisers to thoroughly clean the area before deodorising your home to ensure that all odours are removed and your home has a pleasant scent.


In many places, it may be against the law to dispose of a dead animal. This implies that if you are caught disposing of a dead animal without permission, you could face legal problems. However, once you hire us, you can be confident that everything is taken care of. All you need to do is pay a nominal charge for the services.


You can use our carcass removal services every day of the week and at any time. All you have to do to get help after finding a dead animal on your property is call us, and we’ll come to your rescue.

Why Trust Pest Police Carcass Removal Services?

Our Pest Police professionals are highly experienced at undertaking professional carcass removal. Our team are fully licensed and accredited, carries Combined Liability Insurance, and always operates in line with the relevant Australian Standards. 

At Pest Police Australia, we can carry out the unpleasant task of carcass removal Melbourne-wide, removing any animal carcasses where they are accessible. We will apply a residual insecticide liquid or dust to control and eliminate any fly larvae that may be present. After carcass removal in your Melbourne property, we can apply an industrial-strength deodoriser to assist with unpleasant odours.

Contact us now! Our quotations are obligation-free, we offer great value for money, and our work carries an extensive warranty.