Searching for your dream home can be quite an exhilarating journey but it isn’t without its fair share of hurdles. Because it’s the single biggest financial commitment you’ll sign up for in this lifetime, it’s only natural to make sure that the property you’re planning to buy is bereft of any unpleasant surprises.

Sadly, a lot of existing properties hide significant issues that lead to unplanned and expensive repairs early on in your stay at your new residence. Instead of pursuing further updates and upgrades for the space, you’ll be stuck with a frustrating and seemingly endless cycle of damage control.

Among the biggest concerns you’ll want the property to be checked for is termite infestation. The presence of such pests has some worrisome consequences and you’ll want to be sure that the property isn’t hiding any of these unwanted guests.

Are Termites Really a Threat?

It’s common knowledge how termites feed on wood and cellulose-related materials, a fact that instantly makes them a serious threat to any residential or commercial buildings they crawl into. This is especially the case for those structures made from timber.

For the most part, it’s the workers that do most of the damage as they’re the ones that forage for food and construct the nest. Once they’ve successfully built their headquarters, the queens (yes, termite colonies can have more than one) then proceed to produce large amounts of eggs per day. Leave them be, and you’ll soon be in for a nasty surprise as they virtually eat through wooden structures in such a short time span.

A Timely Termite Inspection Is No Luxury

It’s quite unfortunate but one in three homes in Australia will be invaded by these wood-eating pests at some point. The odds are even greater when you live in Victoria as termites are reported to live in almost every suburb in the state.

Among the termites reportedly seen across the state and the country, the most destructive ones are the subterranean varieties. They not only do so much damage to timber structures but they also invade homes undetected. This may be why detecting them is literally a race against time because the damage they can do is devastating and repairing the destruction they’ve caused will become financially impractical in such a short time.

It goes without saying that getting this kind of pest inspection done is paramount as you’re about to buy a new home.

Benefits From a Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection

Avoid a Money Pit

Move into a place that has already been infested and you’ll likely be shelling thousands of dollars for repairs throughout your stay. For sure, you wouldn’t like the idea of paying for someone’s else’s negligence.

It is for this reason that you need termite inspectors within reach as you’re investing in real estate assets. Their expertise should help uncover if the property you’re about to put your money on is free from such destructive pests.

Minimise Termite Damage

Even with their size, never underestimate the damage termites can do to the properties they’ve successfully invaded. Blindly invest in one such property and you’ll eventually find yourself dealing with significant structural damage that can be incredibly expensive to fix.

If you don’t like the idea of having to deal with such a dilemma, your best bet is to get a pest inspection done. You’ll be able to identify the properties that are currently faced with an infestation problem and be able to decide which one is manageable enough.

Informed Buying Decision

Because a house is no cheap investment, it’s natural to want to know everything about it before you proceed with a purchase.

Beyond a quick visual inspection, it’d be wise to obtain a pre-purchase termite inspection report completed before submitting any written purchase offers for the prospective property. With this vital report findings, you can obtain valuable information to use as you negotiate for a more favourable asking price. In the end, it’ll give you additional confidence in the thought that you’re purchasing the best possible abode that is within your budget.

Peace of Mind

Everyone will have different requirements as they buy a new house but a common denominator will be security. Nobody will want to live in a home that may one day collapse under its own weight (after its foundation has been sufficiently gnawed at by termites).

In this case, it’d be best to get termite inspection done even before you exchange a sales contract with the property vendor. This way, you can enjoy much-needed peace of mind in the knowledge that your soon-to-be home is safe and secure from uninvited guests that can destroy your place from the inside and out.

Leave the Job to the Pros

As a homeowner, you’ll naturally look for signs of faulty features and pest infestation as you pay your prospect house a visit. However, your visual inspection may fall short in terms of uncovering everything there is to know about a property.

In this regard, it may be best to get in touch with professional inspectors.

Keep in mind that termites can go months and years completely undetected even with careful scrutiny. With trained eyes, termite inspectors won’t miss those subtle signs of termite infestation even if these pests are naturally hard to spot!

Need to get termite inspection done before you proceed with buying a new house? Look no further as our team here at Pest Police is ready to lend you a hand as you’re about to invest in a new house. With our help, you can be confident that your place can become free from those dreaded termites!