When the warmer weather rolls around, it’s not just you who will look forward to spending days in the sun. Pests do, too! As a matter of fact, it isn’t rare to see insects and vermin scurrying around to take advantage of the good weather and get a fresh start.

Leave them to their own devices and you may soon find yourself fighting an uphill battle. For sure, you wouldn’t want to get caught off your guard when these pests come to gang up on you and your summer-loving kin.

Why Do Insects Swarm During Spring and Summer?

If you recall what you’ve learned from your biology classes, insects are cold-blooded. That means their body temperature is pretty much dependent on the environment they’re in. With temperatures increasing during spring and summer, an increased bug activity is to be expected. 

It is for this reason that swarming pests may seemingly try to invade our households and keep us from having fun under the sun (literally) during spring and summer when there are plenty of fair-weather days. Those insects and vermin you encounter at these times are overwintering pests and you better watch out as they emerge from their respective nests hungry, mobile, and ready to find love!

As you head to your yard on a fine spring or summer day, it shouldn’t be a surprise to find a swarm of flies, mosquitoes, wasps, and spiders. Like you, they’re ready to have their fill of the summer fun and bounty! Unfortunately, them coming out to enjoy the weather means you’ll have to deal with unwanted guests crashing your outdoor picnic or summer party.

Common Spring and Summer Pests in Australia

Spring and summer may be fun for most Australians but the pests that accompany these seasons can be a downer. You’ll find bees disrupting your barbecues, mosquitoes disturbing your sleep, and ants raiding food in the pantry.

With the massive inconvenience that comes with staving these pests off, it’d be wise to prepare yourself before these critters come to spoil the fun you and your family are having. That means you have to identify the troublesome intruders that’ll come visit your property once spring and summer comes around the corner.

Speaking of which, here are a few of the pesky ones to look out for:


They may already have a considerable population across the country but those numbers typically boom during summer. You’ll find them outdoors for the most part but ants really don’t have that much trouble going indoors, especially when they discover an abundant food source inside. Yes, it’s the kitchen where they’d come knocking first.

A basic way to keep them from raiding the kitchen or pantry is to clean up leftovers promptly and as often as you can.


These aren’t only annoying but they’re also dangerous. Because they indiscriminately feed on almost anything, they’re definitely hazardous to your health. The moment flies land on your food to feed, you can bet that it’s already contaminated with germs. After all, flies typically carry germs in and on their bodies.

Among the things you can do to prevent flies from spoiling your spring and summer gatherings is to keep food covered in containers. Clean up any food or drink mess on tables as these easily draw the attention of these unhygienic insects.


What’s most disturbing about fleas is that they don’t show up individually. They come in droves, especially when spring and summer comes. Wondering why, you ask? That’s because the warm weather makes their eggs and larvae mature faster.

Once they’re out and about, these blood-sucking fiends can be hard to spot. Because you can hardly see them, they’re obviously even harder to kill. In this case, calling a pest control expert would really save you and your pets from attacking fleas.


By now, you’re probably aware how these insects are among the most dangerous pests known to humans. After all, they’re carriers of some of the deadliest diseases we know today (e.g. Dengue fever, Zika virus, Malaria, dysentery, etc.)

Be warned that mosquitoes attack you and your pets first in the spring and it worsens as summer comes along. During warm seasons, more mosquito eggs hatch and the faster their larvae grow. This hastened growth naturally results in a boom in their population.


Mice and rats gnaw anything they can get their teeth on, including furniture, wires, fabrics, and food. And during spring and summer, rodents are hard-wired to become particularly active in preparation for the next winter. If you leave them be, you might just be wasting the good weather on fixing various property damage.

Rats and mice aren’t the only vermin to look out for. There are also possums who can be a handful to deal with. Possums might look cute at first glance but they can actually bring ticks and fleas into your home and that’s why you have to keep them off your lot as much as possible.

As a countermeasure against rodents, always cover bins as these attract rats, mice, and possums alike. In addition, seal holes and other potential entry points that rodents can use to get inside your house.


Bees forage for pollen arounds plants in the garden during spring and summer. As they become more active in their quest for food, you’ll soon find them swarming places where they can potentially set up new hives. If it happens that they find your property suitable, you and family members have to be extra careful not to disturb their nest and get stung!

If you don’t wish to get your pool party or outdoor picnic spoiled by the presence of angry, stinging bees, call professional pest exterminators ASAP.

Don’t Let Pests Spoil Your Summer Fun

Before the great weather is in full swing, be wise and have pest control professionals on speed dial in case any of these unwanted creatures invite themselves into your yard. Have them inspect your property for vulnerabilities to potential pest infestations so you spend the rest of spring and summer soaking up as much sun as possible!