Nothing sours your excitement for the summer sun than the sight of flies circling over your glass of wine. But sadly, summer brings roaches, ants, flies, and other pesky insects in droves since its climate is perfect for them to be active and reproduce.

While it’s fascinating to see your yard come to life in the summer, you wouldn’t want to spend yours alongside creepy-crawlies. Whether they’re hiding in the lawn or tucked inside an interior wall, having these unwanted guests can be bothersome enough to affect business operations or disrupt your lifestyle. For sure, slipping shrimps on a barbie or prepping alfresco dinners won’t be as fun with flies and wasps around.

So how do you deal with these nuisances? It begins with knowing the type of pest you’re dealing with, since eliminating them can be much easier with such knowledge. Following a zealous cleaning regimen won’t hurt, too. And just these two may be enough to prevent small pest infestations and can help you enjoy most of your summer days free from vermin problems.

Of course, you can always leave the pest control in professional hands, but it is still up to you on when you’re going to take the initiative and get a pest inspection done. In the meantime, know what to watch out for once the hot season comes around the bend.


Beware of Ants!

Spotting an ant means there is a colony nearby, so it may not be so easy eliminating them right then and there. Coastal brown ants and black house ants are two species you’ll commonly see in the summer constructing nests around buildings and gardens. They typically thrive in suburban areas during hot weather months, so contact the proper pest control team when you spot them in and around your place.

What you can do to prepare for these foragers is to never leave crumbs or food residues anywhere. This is what attracts ants, and it encourages them to build colonies within your property, which could be in wall cracks or any small hole in the structure. If you free your flooring surface, table, and your other furniture of any traces of food every time, you won’t have a lot of ant problems when summer comes.


Don’t Let the Flies Touch Your Meals Again!

One thing most people can agree on is that flies shouldn’t be found anywhere where there is food. Flies are aggressive in hot climates and they feed on almost anything they can get their grubby feet on, which is dangerous. If you are concerned about your health, make sure to prepare for these flying nuisance since flies are not easy to catch.

Many may carry serious diseases and infect you once you consume the food they landed on. They could transmit diseases like Hepatitis A or trachoma, which can be life-threatening to anyone with weaker immune systems. Diarrhea and food poisoning are other potential sicknesses that flies can cause. There’s simply no excuse not to think of ways to eliminate these pathogen carriers, especially during the summer.

One way to deal with flies is setting fly traps. Because they land on anything they wish to eat, it would be effective to use fly papers with strong glue or adhesive. But watch out when using these in the kitchen and living room. A better option is to use environmentally friendly pest control options.


Watch Out for Cockroaches

Wherever there’s moisture and filth, you’ll surely find roaches there. Needless to say, commercial and residential buildings cannot be spared from a roach invasion if the property owners or managers don’t observe regular cleaning.

Keep in mind, cockroaches don’t just scare you silly; they carry bacteria (e.g. e.coli and salmonella) that triggers allergies, asthma, or causes diarrhea. They are flying health threats, and seeing one in your place should be enough to convince you to start tidying your personal or work environment. 

Although dealing with cockroaches seems easy on paper (e.g. maintaining the cleanliness of the property, properly storing food, etc.), it is no cakewalk. Even using insecticide spray you can buy off the shelf isn’t wise because you’ll only jeopardise your health and the rest of the household this way. Going for professional pest control is still the safer, more effective choice.


Fleas, Go Away!

Another pest problem you can potentially encounter in the summer is flea infestation among your pets, especially the furry ones like dogs and cats. Remember, flea eggs and larvae mature faster in warm seasons, so they can reproduce like crazy and eventually swarm their animal host.

These blood-sucking creatures can cause you and your pets a great deal of stress and irritation. So take swift action if you find one or two on your pet’s furs.

Before fleas turn your dog into their personal ride, limit your dog’s time outdoors. Remember, it’s easier for them to get fleas when they’re constantly outside your house. Keep your canine companions from coming into contact with wild or stray animals, as the latter can be flea hosts already, too. Don’t forget to give your dogs a bath every once a month.


Eliminate Dangerous Mozzies

Mosquito attacks usually start in spring, but they get a lot more aggressive during summer. Anyone should try not to get bitten as mozzies typically carry with them health problems like the Ross River virus, Dengue virus, and Barmah Forest virus. You surely don’t want to experience these just because you overlooked signs of mosquito infestation on your property.

Getting rid of mosquitoes on your own is definitely a tall order but you can do so with the aid of a professional pest control Melbourne team. You can, however, prevent a mozzie population explosion by following some simple tips.

  1. Check if there are leaks under the sink or a pool of water that’s left unnoticed. They thrive in dark and wet areas, so you should leave those spaces dry.
  2. Install screen doors. In the summer, you can’t just open your door and expect the mosquitoes and other insects not to enter your home. If you wish to enjoy the summer air without worrying about these pests, get the right screens for your doors and even for your windows. It’s an effective barrier.
  3. Use bug zappers. You can try leaving such mosquito repellent in the living room or even outside your home.
  4. If the mosquito swarm is seemingly getting out of hand, call a pest control team as they’re well-versed in properly and effectively dealing with such insects.


Invest in Pest Control Services!

If you have a sizeable house or building, dealing with summer pests by way of commercially available remedies just won’t do. Professionals must be involved, so every room will be sprayed with the appropriate yet safe pesticide solution, killing different types of harmful bugs in one fell swoop.

Here are more reasons you should consider trusting a pest control Melbourne company:

Proper Planning

Taking a DIY route in pest control can be frustrating if you don’t have the technical knowledge and ample resources for the job. Pest inspection and extermination can’t be done without an effective strategy and proper equipment, after all.

Some things need to be considered, too, such as the severity of infestation in your property and the size of your house or building. Having industry knowledge helps experts accomplish the necessary task smoothly since they already know where to begin and which areas must be given more attention.

With their years in business, they can even recommend effective preventive measures to stop future infestations dead in their tracks.


Safe Pest Control

The ultimate goal of any competent pest exterminator is to eliminate pests that are slowly destroying your home and threatening everyone’s health without harming you, your family, tenants, or pets. Professionals consequently use procedures and products that are not detrimental to you or even your property. They would never apply methods that are harmful to their clients, and it is a reason you can completely trust them.

For additional safety, though, you must not enter your house or building during and immediately after the pest control process. The minimum time that the professionals recommend would be 2 to 4 hours. Depending on the type of service, it could even extend to a few more.


Source of Infestation

Dealing with visible pests is one thing but to neutralise an infestation is another. You may think the pest problem is over just because you’ve sprayed insecticide all throughout the property but you may only get disappointed once you see vermin rearing their ugly heads again. In the end, never settle for a temporary remedy because it will actually cost you a lot more down the road.

Fortunately, pest inspectors and pest control experts can identify the source of a pest infestation and find where the bugs reside. They use specific equipment as well as have the resources necessary to make them efficient at what they do.


You can follow simple home remedies to prepare yourself for possible pest invasion in the summer, but it’s difficult if you own a large building or if you are running a business in one. In this case, getting the assistance of pest control specialists like us is a practical recourse as we’re both equipped and experienced to do quick work on pest problems as they come.

In the end, calling us is the practical choice because of the long-term benefits you can gain off our pest inspection and extermination expertise. Don’t hesitate when it comes to maintaining a pest-free property because, after all, this is for your utmost comfort and safety.


Are you in dire need of a safe and effective solution to your summer pest concerns? Contact our pest control team today! Pest Police is licensed and experienced and we’ll meet your pest control needs–be it inspections or exterminations. Dial 1800 737 876 for more details.