Whether you run or own a hotel, office, restaurant, or warehouse, it’s practical to keep your property free from all sorts of pests. It isn’t just about keeping illnesses and a bad reputation at bay. As it turns out, these unwelcome critters cause a great deal of inconvenience, some can even severely affect your business operation in different ways.

As someone who has invested a substantial amount in real estate, you naturally want to keep your building protected from damage and wear and tear. After all, the integrity of the property can be a reflection of the company and its ambiance will put the brand’s reputation on the line. But getting rid of pests or preventing infestation with the aid of pest control experts isn’t just about business image. More importantly, it guarantees the safety of the workforce, the tenants, and even business partners.

Never Take Pest Infestation Lightly

It’s unfortunate but the fact is that pests will always find a way into our properties. It really doesn’t matter whether the building is immaculately clean or hasn’t seen a vacuum cleaner in weeks, rodents, insects, and other creepy-crawlies will come knocking simply because of the food, shelter, and water readily available inside the premises.

With pest infestation a seemingly inevitable turn in the lifespan of a commercial building, you may have to get ready dealing with untold damage (to both health and property) down the line. Of course, you can choose to act on the problem before the inevitable comes and it’ll be wise considering how much you save by keeping these freeloaders off your space.

To begin fortifying your property’s line of defence, you may have to be familiarized with what you’re up against first.

Common Pests Infesting Business Spaces

When the goal is to stop these creatures from disrupting your commercial operation, you’ll have to be familiar with the ones that you’d be dealing with.

  • Cockroaches

They mostly feed in drains, sewers, and garbage dumps and this means they’re an instant threat to a property’s sanitation. Because they thrive in such dirty areas, they come in contact with contagious viruses that they may pass on to us so it’s crucial to keep them away from anything edible within the business premises. Some of the common cockroach species to watch out for in Australia include the German cockroach, smoky brown cockroach, Australian cockroach, and American cockroach.

  • Mice/Rats

Each year, these two cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage to properties and businesses. Not only do they eat food stocks but they also contaminate them, whether the food in question is stored in commercial or domestic spaces. This is why mice and rats are a scourge to the food industry. Besides consuming food right under our noses, they also damage containers and contaminate food preparation areas, often leaving behind an unsanitary trail of faeces and urine. If left on their own, these rodents can even gnaw on electrical wires, which may cause fire. A few of the common species found in the country include the house mouse, black rat, and Norway rat.

  • Flies

Typhoid, cholera, giardiasis, diarrhoea, worms, and amoebic dysentery—these are some of the diseases that flies spread around. You surely wouldn’t want these disease carriers flying near you, your employees, your customers, and clients. Three of the most common fly species infesting properties across Australia are blowflies, fermentation flies, and house flies.

  • Ants/Termites

It’s common knowledge that ants and termites come in large groups. If you see one crawling on the floor or walls (a rarity, in the case of termites), there may be millions more waiting for it in an ant/termite colony or nest nearby. Although ants aren’t voracious in nature (you need not worry about them depleting food off storages), their presence can still scare away customers and harm brand reputation. However, the sight of winged termites should be cause for alarm considering how they gnaw through slabs of wooden structures in a matter of days or weeks. The common species of ants you may be dealing with in Australia are white footed house ants, coastal brown ants, and black house ants. Meanwhile, some of the common termite species to watch out for include Coptotermes acinaciformis, Schedorhinotermes intermedius, and Coptotermes frenchi.

Reasons to Tap Professional Pest Control

Although it may be tempting to pick any pest control products you can find off the shelves, this isn’t a good idea. You wouldn’t know whether the chemicals used are effective in eradicating pests and if they’ll do the job without compromising anybody’s health.

Fortunately, professional exterminators have the technical know-how, advanced tools, and effective (even eco-friendly) pest treatments to eliminate or prevent any kind of pest infestation. Tapping their expertise on this matter brings you the following benefits, too.

Leave a great impression to guests and customers.

Imagine a customer walking into your greengrocer and a cockroach comes scurrying across the floor. The sighting alone can cause aversion, but it actually hurts your business more than just scaring customers away. The presence of pests in commercial spaces almost always leads to clients getting a negative impression of your brand. This results not only in a loss of business but also causes damage to your reputation. Professional pest removal will help eliminate these unsanitary creatures and create a sanitary business environment.

Reduce chances of property damage.

One thing rodents and termites are really good at is wreaking havoc to structures. They chew through electrical wiring and furnishings like crazy, completely destroying furniture pieces along the way. Problem with this is that repairing or replacing fixtures and furniture can cost you an arm and a leg. If you don’t wish your commercial space getting trashed this way, call pest exterminators before it’s too late.

Keep the workforce healthy.

Letting rats and roaches roam free around the production floor can surely have dire consequences. With them being carriers of various diseases, don’t be surprised to see a spike in the number of employees calling in sick. Of course, a rise in the number of sick leaves can result in revenue loss and lost productive hours. Avoiding this outcome has to be a top priority, especially when market demands are high. Don’t wait until you’ve incurred major business losses before you make it a business goal to aim or maintain a pest-free workplace.

Pests Can Make or Break Businesses

Cleaning the premises of your commercial building isn’t the only way to attain a welcoming business ambience. Pest control plays a huge part in ensuring your corporate space will continue to enjoy prestige because nothing hurts your brand reputation more than the sight of unsanitary pests scuttling all over. Even more so if your company belongs to the hospitality industry.

For a solid business reputation, get in touch with our team and we’ll exterminate the pests that threaten to destroy the conducive environment you’ve created for your tenants, employees, customers, and business associates.