We are all well aware that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is sweeping across the globe with no signs of slowing just yet. Because the virus is a novel strain, there is little medical knowledge and analysis available regarding its causes, symptoms, and antidotes. 

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the World Health Organisation has provided vital information to help people prevent the spread of the virus across the country despite this limited understanding.

Every one of us can help reduce the virus’s spread, and at this stage are all too familiar with the recommended health and hygiene practices and social restrictions that are in place. 

The Australian Government is undertaking enormous efforts to prevent the virus’s spread, particularly in high-risk settings, across domestic and international borders. This implies that some businesses across various industries are functioning at significantly less than full capacity to safeguard their employees and customers.

Pest Police, as a responsible company, is well-prepared to cope with and throughout this pandemic and are actively working to limit the virus’s spread. We’re also keeping a careful watch on our staff to make sure they’re fit for work and aren’t exhibiting symptoms while at work or attending clients home, offices or factory premises.


Understanding The Risks

COVID-19 may be transferred from a COVID-19 infected person or contaminated surfaces through contact with droplets or airborne aerosols (small parts that float in the air).

Workplaces frequently entail the mixing of individuals in high-risk environments, which can result in the transmission of COVID-19. Businesses must adopt COVID-19 risk reduction measures under the public health directions.


What It Means For Your Business

While some businesses may have temporarily shut their doors, many food production and service-oriented establishments continue to operate with restricted personnel to meet the needs of all Australians. 

Pests, on the other hand, have been allowed to travel freely in search of food with reduced foot traffic, infiltrating buildings and posing additional problems for empty business premises.


Precautions Taken 


Performing Regular Inspections 

Knowing where to look and what to search for might assist in resolving a pest problem before it worsens. Look for living or dead rats, nests, signs of gnawing and rub marks are other indicators of a rodent infestation. 

Pay close attention to kitchens and bathrooms for cockroach infestation indications, such as droplets or eggs, because cockroaches in these locations are more attracted to spaces with food supplies carefully as well, since items may be stacked tightly together, giving protection for bugs.

Outside the facility, be careful to remove any vegetation that has grown near the building, since this might attract insects and rats. Finally, before bringing goods and deliveries inside, inspect them for bugs.


Regularly Remove Any Potential Food Sources

Pests such as rats and cockroaches are drawn to food processing and service establishments where there is an availability of food and food waste. It is critical to properly discard any food that has expired, has been left exposed, or exhibits indications of infiltration, and to keep any usable food in sealed containers. 

Also, keep rubbish bins closed, remove rubbish from inside and outside the facility regularly, and thoroughly clean any high-traffic areas.


Reducing Pest Entryways

The simplest approach to avoid an infestation is to keep bugs and pests out of a facility in the first place. Mice can fit through a dime-sized hole and rats through a quarter-sized hole, so cover any cracks or gaps on the outside of the structure with a suitable sealant, paying special attention to where utilities enter. 

It is also recommended that all vents, doors, and windows be screened, and that door sweeps be installed to prevent vermin from entering via the gap between the door and the floor.


Partnering With A Licensed Professional Pest Control Company

A qualified pest control company may make life so much easier for facility management. They will be able to assist in the implementation of an Integrated Pest Management strategy, which is a comprehensive and tailored approach to pest management that includes inspection, identification, and treatment to maintain clean and compliant commercial buildings.

Despite the unorthodox manner in which businesses are now functioning, facilities managers may take tried and proven procedures to protect the safety of employees on-site and consumers alike. Businesses will therefore be better prepared to protect any food supply items from pests by checking high-traffic areas, eliminating easy access food sources for pests, closing entryways, and collaborating with a certified professional pest management company like Pest Police.


How We Are Dealing With Coronavirus At Our Company

In keeping with the Australian Government’s department of health standards, we have comprehensive inspections of our office and mobile work vehicles to limit the spread of the virus and undertake the same high sanitation and cleaning levels and procedures practised for our client’s premises, on our own, to help limit the transmission of any infection.

Some of these procedures include phoning consumers and interacting with them remotely, employing contactless payment and invoice and report distribution, and providing remote guidance when possible.


How We Assist Our Customers

We are actively working to guarantee that our clients receive the same standards of service that they have come to expect. We are respectfully refusing such visits if we think we are unable to provide our services owing to the nature of the customer’s residence or company. 

This includes providing pest management services to medical and health-related companies and residences where people exhibit symptoms consistent with the coronavirus strain.

These safeguards help us guarantee that our employees are safe and can continue to serve the community. If we have to postpone a visitation for these reasons, please accept our decision since we are looking out for the best interests of the community as a whole, including our employees and customers. 


Choosing a Licensed Pest Control Professional

Government departments are to assess the Declaration of Expectations for portfolio regulators under the Declaration of Expectations Framework. For all regulators issued with a Declaration of Expectations for the period from 1 January, 2018 to 30 June 2019 the requirement applies.

Included regulators are:

  • The disease of Communication Food Security Unit Section
  • Water Unit Environmental Health Regulation and Compliance – Legionella Environmental Health Regulation and Compliance Team – Regulation and Compliance with Pest Control Team – Medicines and Poison Radiation Team Regulation
  • Private Hospitals Unit of Tobacco Control
  • Authority for Victorian Pharmacy (statutory authority)
  • Authority of Victorian Assisted Treatment (statutory authority)


Key Reasons For Choosing Pest Police

Each inspection, problem or essential action is different from each other yet there are similar reasons to call us in. There are diverse causes. In other words, these include:

  • Quick response from our highly qualified, skilled and devoted specialists when this is often required by the circumstances.
  • Free quotations – provided directly to your mailbox if necessary – and readiness to chat to you through every stage of any method we propose.
  • Commitment to very competitive rates, high payment plans and comprehensive work guarantees.
  • The most efficient pest detection technology, in keeping to employ only human beings and animal health treatments, is safe and ecologically beneficial.
  • Compliance with all applicable standards, fully accredited and licenced Combined Liability Insurance Compliance.



We can assist you with a variety of household treatments that may not require us to enter your home. Several offered pest services can be undertaken without entering your house include rat control, possum removal, and exterior spraying.

To discuss your pest control needs, please call our friendly team for an obligation-free discussion so we can determine what services are available during these challenging times.


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