Term Stop Reticulation System

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Reticulation System

Should you have a problem with a termite infestation, then you call in experts, such as those here at Pest Police, to deal with it in a variety of proven ways. But, by using a reticulation system of effectively-located piping, the aim is to keep the horrible pests away from your property in the first place.

Delivering long term home protection

A Term Stop Reticulation System is a well-proven and long lasting system carefully created to better protect your home. After the pipework has been installed, it can then be refilled as necessary. The chemicals used within your reticulation system today can last up to three to ten years. They are designed to actually repel termites away from your property, thus making your home safe from the awful ravages of a concentrated termite attack.

As you would expect, we choose and use only the best available products. Here at Pest Police, our expertly trained and highly experienced team use proven termite prevention and eradication strategies. Key reasons why we are the go-to termite solution provider for so many Melburnians:

We choose only environmentally-friendly and pet and people safe products

All our work is delivered with professionalism backed up by an extended warranty

Pest Police is a fully licensed and accredited award-winning family owned and operated business

We hold Combined Liability Insurance; and comply with all relevant Australian Standards

Quotes are delivered obligation-free, highlighting our value pricing, and we provide popular payment plans

Superb Google Rating results, many terrific testimonials, frequent recommendations to colleagues, friends and family

If you are concerned about a potential invasion of termites into your Melbourne area home, then a reticulation system can keep them away and leave you feeling thoroughly relieved. To talk through the process, and have our experts carefully answer any questions you might have, please contact Pest Police now.

Term Stop Reticulation


A term stop reticulation system is a series of term stop reticulation pipes that are installed around the perimeter of the dwelling under concrete paving and garden beds. Once laid, these pipes are injected with chemicals that are slowly dispersed into the soil and deter termites.


Once the system has been installed, which is just after the house has been constructed and before external concreting and gardens have been installed, it can be refilled time and time again, protecting your new home or investment for the life of the dwelling.


Can be installed around an existing home and not just new

Chemicals kill termites but the system is harmless to you and your family, pets and plants

Reticulation greatly decreases exposure to chemicals being pumped after construction is complete

Builders do not need to make special accommodation in the preparation of the construction

Reticulation allows for the treatment to be replaced/recharged with no unsightly excavation or drilling through concrete

The cost benefit over time is considerable as recharge costs are significantly lower than a drill-and-trench retreatment

The Term Stop Reticulation system has Codemark Certification approval and complies to AS 3660.1 and 3660.2

Fifty-year durability of design life

Term Stop Reticulation ensures that accurately designed rates of the chemical are applied evenly through specially designed emitters

So why not have a Term Stop Reticulation System installed on your new home and have peace of mind that you are getting great value and protection for the life of your property?