Termite Inspection

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Termite Inspection

Termite Inspections and treatments are a growing service solution by Pest Police for homes across Melbourne and its suburbs affected by this menacing termite infestation problem. Inspections are an increasingly vital tool in dealing with a problem that is likely to affect more than one-third of Melbourne’s homes in their lifespan.

Termites, sometimes called white ants, often live and travel in huge colonies. The damage they cause to timber is quick to be felt and can often be catastrophic. This is why the BCA (Building Commission of Australia) recommend annual termite inspections as a minimum Australian Standard – and higher in key areas (ask us about your location).

Termite Inspection Expert Service

- Who to trust?

For so many Melburnians the answer is frequently Pest Police . Our commitment to excellence is shown in our excellent Google Review Rating, so much repeat business, and so many referrals to friends, family and work colleagues.

And the star of our show is our brilliant beagle – a sniffer hound supreme – with a success rate talked about with terror and dread amongst those vast termite communities! Possibly. Paired with our other team members with decades of termite-hounding experience, our intensive termite inspections are carried out with skill and determination. We also use a raft of the finest equipment, including sounding devices, moisture meters, microwave technology and thermal imaging. Our detailed termite inspection report also highlights protective treatments to consider.

How Pest Police delivers outstanding termite inspections

Our commitment to excellence, as a family owned and run business is strong:

Fully licenced and accredited, meeting relevant Australian Standards and with Combined Liability Insurance

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Don’t delay – termites infest and damage at great speed. To order an inspection, or ask any questions, either fill in the Enquiry Form on this page or call us immediately on 1800 737 876.