Pest Police Australia are the only Pest Control Company in Victoria currently using termite detection dogs during our inspections, making us the only Company to possess all the termite detection equipment available in today's market - Dampness - Moisture Meter, Movement - Microwave Technology, Heat - Thermal Imaging and Scent - Termite Detection Dogs.

Whether you’re buying or investing, a Pest Police Pre-Purchase Timber pest inspection will inform you of any pest-related problems with your new property.

Our Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspections are designed to thoroughly check, and alert you to, any invasive pests that may be hiding in, and around your property.

Our Pest Inspectors have extensive experience in the pest industry, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge in both inspections, and pest control.

A pre purchase inspection gives you:

  • A detailed report that has been carried out in accordance to Australian Standard Timber Pest Inspections 4349.3 2010
  • A comprehensive inspection of your property, both internally and externally
  • Risk Assessment of your area
  • A No-Obligation Free quote for a Preventive or Remedial termite treatments
  • General advice on how you can prevent any future termite infestation.

Statistics indicate that more than 1 in 3 Australian homes nationally, will suffer from termite damage during the life of the home. The Pest Police will ensure your new home won't become the next statistic.

Facts about Termites. Did you know:

  • Damage caused by termites is not covered in your home insurance
  • Termites can tunnel up to 200 meters under the ground in search of food (your house timbers). A nest could be on your neighboring property.
  • Just because your house is on a slab it doesn’t mean you are safe from termite attack, it actually means you are at higher risk as sub-floor inspections are not possible.
  • Common termite species found in Melbourne are among the most damaging of all termite species.

Our fully qualified and licensed Pest Inspectors, along with the latest in termite detection technology including Termite Detection Dogs, thermal imaging, terma-trac (motion detection) are an unbeatable team in the fight against termites and other pests in your home.