Wood Borer Treatment Melbourne

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Wood Borer Treatment

When undertaking Wood Borer Treatment in a Melbourne property, our experts know that there are several different species which could be causing the problem. Our first task, therefore, is to locate and identify them. Some can cause more serious damage than others. This identification accomplished, we can then recommend the most effective and specific eradication treatment; and offer advice and actions to complete to help prevent such future infestations.

Why do so many Melburnians call in Pest Police?

Apart from clients who have used our Services before, for other than a Wood Borer Treatment, we receive many calls from their work colleagues, other family members, or good friends. Such recommendations warm our hearts, as does our treasured Google Rating performance, and many Australian Achiever awards our dedicated team have won.

All of which is good, but there are, we believe, some key reasons for both the great client loyalty we have received and so many onward recommendations, including:

A highly-trained, absolutely-dedicated and seriously-motivated team

Much hard-won expertise gained over the years by our family owned and operated company

Swift response to urgent problems right across Melbourne and the suburbs

Commitment to using the best of pest identification, control and removal technology

The use of only environmentally-friendly products which are also completely non-harmful for both human and pet inhabitants of any property

Obligation-free quotes, highly-competitive pricing, excellent payment plans, and extensive work warranties

Commitment to meet relevant Australian Standards, fully accredited and licensed, and holding Combined Liability Insurance

If you have spotted any tell-tale signs of a wood borer problem, then call us now and we’ll tell you how we can quickly help. Our Pest Police technicians are always happy to answer any questions about wood borer and any other pest problems you may be experiencing in or around your Melbourne area property.

Timber Borer Removal


Our timber borer removal technicians well know that borers can cause more anxiety amongst homeowners than other pests because the tell-tale borer dust is a sure sign that borers are or have been in the wood. The most prevalent borers are lyctid, longicom and anobiid borers. They can enter your home through a variety of sources.


The Pest Police Australia timber borer removal expert inspector will identify the type of borer and recommend suitable treatment. Their professional inspection will be accompanied by a written diagnosis of the problem and quotation.



Anobiids can be found in antique or secondhand furniture and in secondhand floorboards. They are particularly prone to damaging floorboards under carpet, and Anobiid damage must be attended to.


Lyctids are recognised by their 2 mm holes with quantities of flour-like wood dust and most often attack skirting boards and architraves.


Longicoms leave oval shaped holes, and are less damaging than other borers, as they cannot breed in timber. To identify which species of borer is present in your property, you need an expert.