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Wasp Control Services in Melbourne

If you are stung by a single wasp then you remember it. Should you have an infestation of these persistent pests, as they swarm or nest around the environs of your Melbourne home, life can quickly become a complete misery. That’s bad enough, but wasps and children’s food, sweets, and especially when trapped in a soft drinks can and the like, certainly do not go well together. They are often to be found, buzzing around pools, patios, backyards – and they can strike multiple times. Of course, some people can also suffer sever reactions to wasp stings. So you want them gone!

Dealing with a
wasp infestation

Calling on the services of an expert wasp control company like Pest Police is a recommended course of action. Trying to deal with a wasp nest yourself is not. Disturbing the wasps can lead to a danger swarm of the deadly insects – and this horrible situation could last for days.

Calling in our technicians allows us to identify the type of wasp, understand the nest location, and then decide on effective action. This regularly involves the use of insecticide dust and liquid application at the nest or hive site.

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Pest Police?

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We provide obligation-free quotes and deliver proven value with prices that never sting.. Many of our clients come through the recommendation of others, and our work is extremely highly rated in the Google Review Rating.

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