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Pre Purchase Termite Building Inspections

Pre Purchase Termite Building Inspections are such a critical investment. Worrying statistics indicate that more than one in three Australian homes nationally will suffer from termite damage during the life of that building. By ordering one of our Pre Purchase Termite Building Inspections, our experienced Pest Police Australia experts will ensure that your new home won’t suffer by becoming the next entry into the records of this unwanted statistic!

When you contact our Pre Purchase Termite Building Inspections team, we will undertake a comprehensive inspection, to the required Australian Standard, covering both the inside and outside of the property. You’ll also receive a risk assessment for the area in Melbourne where it’s located. Should any preventative or remedial work be required, we’ll deliver a free quote.

Why choose our Pest Police team?

Our Pre Purchase Termite Buildings Inspections team enjoy decades of combined experience are highly qualified, extensively trained, and extremely thorough. As you’d expect from an Australian owned and operated family company, we take immense pride in our work – and gain many recommendations to others from satisfied customers and property experts. Of course we hold Combined Liability Insurance, and offer extensive guarantees on our work. Our technicians use the latest in high tech equipment, from thermal imagers to moisture meters. We work fast but never cut corners; offer you great value quotations; hold a superb Google Rating score and a raft of excellence awards.

We operate across Melbourne and a number of surrounding suburbs. So, wherever you are considering the purchase of a property, you know it’s not a time to take chances. Make sure you call our professional Pest Police team before reaching such a major decision.

Pre Purchase Termite Control

Facts About Termites

Did you know:

Pre Purchase Termite Control is vital because damage caused by termites is not covered in your home insurance

Termites can tunnel up to 200 metres under the ground in search of food (your house timbers). A nest could be on your neighbouring property

Just because your house is on a slab doesn’t mean you are safe from termite attack, it actually means you are at higher risk as subfloor inspections are not possible

Pre Purchase Termite control should always be high on your priority list because common termite species found in Melbourne are among the most damaging of all termite species


Our pest inspectors have extensive experience in the pest industry, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge in both inspections, and pest control. A pre-purchase inspection gives you:

A detailed report that has been carried out in accordance to Australian Standard Timber Pest Inspections 4349.3 2010

General advice on how you can prevent any future termite infestation

Risk assessment of your area

A comprehensive inspection of your property, both internally and externally

A no-obligation, free quote for a preventive or remedial termite treatments


Whether you’re buying or investing, a Pest Police Australia pre-purchase building pest inspection will inform you of any pest-related problems with your new property. Our pre-purchase timber pest inspections are designed to thoroughly check, and alert you to, any invasive pests that may be hiding in and around your property.


Our fully qualified and licensed pest inspectors, along with the latest in termite-detection technology, including termite detection dogs, thermal imaging and terma-trac (motion detection), are an unbeatable team in the fight against termites and other pests in your home.