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If you are a property owner across Melbourne and her suburbs, then there are a wide range of possible home or garden pest infestations and other problems which need the services of a trusted and experienced local pest removal services company.

Which of these problems
might be present?

Are you concerned that your home or commercial premises might be suffering from the presence of…

a termite infestation – destroying structural timbers inside your property

meat, bull, black, or brown ants – species such as Carpenter, Fire, Pharaoh, Formica or others

cockroaches – you might notice their droppings

bed bugs – hiding in bedding and mattresses

fleas – potential bites and infections from the cat, dog or human variety

bees and wasps – and their dangerous-to-many stings

silverfish – contaminating with their scales and droppings

spiders – whether White Tails, Red Backs, Funnel Web or others

rats and mice – contaminating food and gnawing through cabling

These, and other situations like the presence of birds or feral cats around your property, or even the removal of carcasses – certainly need the professional Services of a trusted local pest removal company.

Why so many Melbourne property owners turn to Pest Police

There are a variety of reasons why our family-owned company is trusted to deliver professional and effective pest removal services.

Experience – using our many decades of combined experience, matched with up-to-the-minute training, ensures our licensed and accredited team can swiftly identify the problem and create and execute unique plans involving proven pest control strategies and actions.

Pest locating – from our amazing termite sniffer dog to the use of the latest thermal imagining, moisture meters, Termatrac and other high-tech equipment, our Pest Police team undertake spot-on investigation processes.

Swift and viable solutions – Where appropriate, we choose from chemical sprays and soil barriers, insecticide dust, lockable trap boxes and other proven actions to deliver the effective Pest Control results you should expect.

All our work is fully insured, compliant with Australian Standards, and extensively guaranteed – and all quotes are free. We receive many referrals and score superbly in Google Review Ratings. Our prices offer you outstanding value and no-interest payment plans options.

Contact us now about your pest removal requirements

Hoping pest problems might disappear of their own accord rarely works; in fact delaying usually makes the situation worse. So, contact our Pest Police team now by completing the simple Enquiry Form or calling 1800 737 876.