Wood Borer Control Melbourne

Australia is home to a number of timber borers, some causing serious damage, and some not. If you are concerned about having borers in your home, it is best to ask an expert to identify the variety – and recommend correct eradication procedures.

The Problem

Borers can cause more anxiety amongst homeowners than other pests, because the tell-tale borer dust is a sure sign borers are, or have been in the wood.

The most prevalent borers are Lyctid, Longicom and Anobiid borers. They can enter your home by a variety of sources.


Anobiid can be found in antique or second hand furniture, and in second-hand floorboards. They are particularly prone to damaging floorboards under carpet, and Anobiid damage must be attended to.

Lyctids are recognised by their 2mm holes with quantities of flour-like wood dust, and most often attack skirting boards and architraves.

Longicoms leave oval shaped holes, and are less damaging than other borers, as they cannot breed in timber. To identify which specie of borer is present in your property, you need an expert.

Solving The Problem

The Pest Police inspector will identify the type of borer, and recommend suitable treatment.

Their professional inspection will be accompanied by written diagnosis of the problem and quotation.