Bees And Wasps Control Melbourne, Bees And Wasps Extermination

While bees are not a pest as such, they can be a serious concern for those allergic to bee stings.

While most stings occur accidentally in the garden, bees can enter homes or set up hives in the mortar or under roof tiles.

A normal amount of bees in a garden shouldn’t be alarming. But, if you feel there is a proliferation of bees around your property, you may need an expert to identify the source.

The Problem

Bees can be of great concern to parents with small children, as bee stings are extremely painful. Clearly, people allergic to bee stings must be constantly vigilant as a severe reaction can lead to death.


As regards to wasps there are two main pest species in Australia, and an expert need identify these. They can often be seen buzzing around backyard pools, or birdbaths. More dangerously, they are very attracted to soft drink cans. A number of very painful and potentially dangerous situations have occurred when children drink from a can a wasp has entered. Unlike bees, wasps can sting again and again, each sting delivering excruciating pain.

If a nest is discovered, it is best not to touch it. Disturbing a wasp nest can encourage a very dangerous swarm of insects that could swarm for days.

Solving The Problem

The Pest Police technician will identify the type and location, recommending a suitable treatment and give a warranty for all work. Treatment includes insecticide dust and liquid application to nest or hive areas.