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We appreciate that many Melburnians respond positively to the sight of a normal number of bees enjoying their gardens or backyards. Usually, this is not a problem – except for youngsters or pets who might accidentally disturb one or more. Our bee extermination technicians well know that a bee sting is very painful and can be a real shock to the recipient. Even more importantly, such an event can be hugely dangerous for anyone who is allergic to bee stings and must remain highly vigilant.

Much more frightening generally, and often during the warm summer days, is the sight of a swarm of bees taking over an area of your property; or a colony forming, and quickly becoming fully established, around the roof area. The instant response should be to contact bee control experts in Melbourne; our Pest Police team pride themselves on a swift response to such anxiety-inducing emergencies, both in the city itself and throughout our suburbs.

As you would expect, the starting point is a careful and detailed onsite inspection – this is provided obligation-free of course. This allows our bee extermination specialists to clearly identify the scope of the problem and then offer tailored and proven solutions which, as soon as you give us the go-ahead, we can then action as quickly as possible – and when it’s convenient for you.

With a seriously excellent Google Rating performance, many testimonials, over a decade of Australia Achiever awards, and regular recommendations from our clients to others, it’s no wonder that so many Melburnians quickly contact our experienced bee Control and extermination experts in Melbourne. So, how can our long-established family owned and operated Pest Police team help you with that bee infestation?

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When bees do become
a problem

Our Bee Removal Services in Melbourne technicians know that an excessive number of bees at a single location can mean they are setting up home in nests located under roof tiles or in the mortar. You might even see the arrival of a swarm of adult bees which can be an extremely disturbing sight.

Dealing with such situations should only be the work of an experienced and qualified bee removal services in Melbourne pest removal professional. Our experienced team here at Pest Police will carefully find and assess the type of bees involved and the location of their swarm or nest. With this knowledge, we will then recommend an effective treatment which often includes the use of liquid application or an insecticide dust.

Why Pest Police to deal
with a sudden bee infestation?

Our licenced and accredited, highly experienced and expertly trained local team match their professionalism with understanding that these are often anxiety-inducing situations. We also provide detailed warranties on completion of our work. As you should expect, we hold Combined Liability Insurance, and perform to relevant Australian Standards.

Pest Police deliver obligation-free quotes which demonstrate terrific value. This may be one reason why much of our work is gained through referral from satisfied clients, a point emphasised with our excellent Google Review Rating performance.

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